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This program does not have referral link on the platformCassh and registration is completely free. CashMacho is here to encourage the remarkable superior, with a specific prominence on helping individual and the surroundings. Don’t forget, We Lead, while others follows.

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Welcome Note on

The goal of CashMacho is to willingly help one another overcome the world’s unjust financial system that helps the rich to get richer while the poor get poorer. For believers to help one another achieve their dreams.

The only thing that CashMacho demands from its special group of believers is to be honest and kind. To help uplift others. It operates on the principle found in the holy book; “Give and it shall be given unto you”. Provide help to someone when you are able to do so and also request to be helped when you need it. All cyber beggars should be reported immediately.

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Importance things to bear in mind

CashMacho is not a bank, CashMacho does not collect your money, CashMacho is neither a business nor an online business, HYIP (High yield investment program), investment or MLM (Multi-level marketing) program. There are also no guarantees hence the advice is to use only spare cash.

There is no Central CashMacho Account where all the donations flow into. All the donations flow through the banking accounts of the participants themselves.

To participate you need to register on the website. Once you register successfully, the system matches you to donate the sum of either N10,000, N20,000,  N50,000 , N100,000 , N200,000  or N500,000  to a fellow participant.

 You will require a confirmation of payment from the member, then the system will automatically assign 2 participants to pay you as well.

Allow between 5 mins and 7 working days to be matched to receive donations after your payment has been confirmed. The system depends on the amount of people on queue to receive donations.

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If after 7 days and you are yet to be matched to receive donations. Simply log in to your PO and open a support ticket with the title

‘ MERGE TIME ELAPSED ” and you will be matched within 2 hours. This is a promise and we intend to fulfill it absolutely.

How to Join – New paying ponzi scheme account, Register now

You can join this paying program below:

WARNING. Donations are to be made directly to members bank account details specified on their screen.

Goodluck guys. Doshare below


    • @Court Christabel tell us the issue, Don’t just only ask why because we want to know the issue not only questions so that we can give you answers or others can

  1. my husband hv thrown me out of my marriage, bcos i took his 200,000 naira to join this ponzi… just to surprise him and live happier ever after… but this is what i got, bn thrown out, and i now live a street life. no home, no man, no money. can anyone help?


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