Donationhub – Donationhub Ponzi scheme Features After Registration

This article is to explain in details the Donationhub Ponzi scheme features and Navigation. If you didn’t know how or what donationhub all about, you can read in details here about it and their different packages.

Done reading above? I believe you might have registered.  After you have registered, Go to your Email for verification and click on the Login to your account as shown below:Donationhub | Donationhub ponzi scheme Features After Registration


Done with the above? You now have access to Login to donationhub.



You now have access to donationhub and you are a bonafide member. When you Login, you need to set up your bank details or bitcoin details depending on the payment option you want to use. For me I will suggest you fill the two payment options.
Click on Bank to put your bank details.  If you are using a mobile phone, see how to locate where Bank is located on mobile platform as seen below:Donationhub | Donationhub ponzi scheme Features After Registration

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After setting up your bank payment details, the Next thing is to go to Make Donations. That is where you can select the type of list of donation you want to make.

There are two types of list in Make Donations on Donationhub

INSTANT DONATION LIST (pays your capital plus 50%)
SCHEDULED DONATION LIST (pays your capital plus 100%)


In this platform, you will see list of people that need to get help is timed (scheduled).
Which will be posted every 2 hours from 7AM, 9AM, 11AM, 1PM, 3PM, 5PM, up till 7PM.

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If you pick someone from schedule list and pay, it might take up to 14 days before your name will be posted so you get paid back  (though on the website, donation duration is stipulated to 20 days maximum). If you miss any timing, you can target another time or check out Instant List timing.

Note: Donation list doesn’t usually appear on weekends
For assumption, you want to pick someone from the 7AM list.
Login at the right time.
Go to Make Donations and Scroll down to select between Instant Donation or Schedule Donation and click on continue

Donationhub | Donationhub ponzi scheme Features After Registration


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On the Donation List Page, choose the one you want to go for by clicking Continue. List will display but if list doesn’t display, just keep refreshing the page and the List will display immediately.



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