Post Contents Login |Create Account – A New ponzi scheme must Register a new ponzi scheme that you must register is not a bank. Moreso, LoftyFUNDS does not have a central account. LoftyFUNDS is neither a business nor an online business, HYIP (High yield investment program), investment or MLM (Multi-level marketing) program. Note: There are also no guarantees hence the advice to use only spare Login |Create Account – A New ponzi scheme must Register

More about Login/Create account – a new ponzi scheme does not have a Central Account that all the donations goes into. All the donations goes through the banking accounts of the members/Investors/participants themselves.

At, the ponzi scheme is a *Peer-to-Peer Donation Network*. Their objective remains to keep putting smiles on the faces of people.

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Review on Loftyfunds ponzi scheme

  • They have a zero fake pop system
  • They have dedicated support team of staff who are ready to deal with all fake pop uploader and Cyber Berger
  • They have  guarrantteed their members of  no loss
  • If any bias is noticed, create a support ticket immediately and it will be attended to.


How to Login & Register to  ponzi schem

You can create account and as well login using below links:


Other Questions you may have in mind regarding Loftyfunds

  1. Q) How loftyFUNDS Platform work

LoftyFUNDS is a peer-to-peer donation exchange platform and a financial social network platform for all Nigerians that have access to internet. Members exchange donations and in return receive gratitude to fulfill one another dreams. For instance if one wishes to buy a new phone, computer or any big wish you ever dreamt of in life but you don’t have the financial muscle to accomplish it alone. There are millions of good hearted people around the Nation to connect with and share.

  1. Q) If you Forgot your login

Click on “Forgot Password” and type in email address used to signup during registration  and the system will send you email with a new password.

Q) Who to contact for support?

Support is available 24/5days a week and responds in timely manner.

  1. Q) What currency used on the platform?

The platform accepts local currency Naira. Other currencies like Bitcoin and others maybe added as time goes on.

  1. Q) Does loftyFUNDS accept international participants?

No, maybe laterin future.

  1. Q) How to get in contact with donation recipient?

The system will display the complete details of the recipient , GET in touch for confirmation when making payments

  1. Q) How do I get paid?

You get paid directly from members to the Bank account in your profile.

  1. Q) Can I change my details, password) after joining?

Yes, Just click on  your profile.

  1. Q) Can I refer more members?

Yes! If you do, you will earn N10,000 on each referral

  1. Q) How do i contact support?

You can contact support  on the support menu in your PO.


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