Post Contents Login – Mega Pay Plus, Register /New Ponzi LoginMega Pay Plus, Register :MEGAPAYPLUS is a mutual fund platform where members provide help to one another and get 100% of their contributions back within 5 hours(3-7 days Max) Login – Mega Pay Plus, Register

How to Join


REVIEW : Login – Mega Pay Plus, Register



  • 100% INCREMENT



How to Give on

Register and sign up with Once your account has been activated.

Login to your account and click the menu button then click on Give,

Members Can Give (Provide Help) of either 10000 minimum(bronze), or 20000(silver), or 50000(Gold) or 100000 Maximum(Diamond).

The Giver will be paired to pay a receiver after making Give request

The Giver should process the payment by Sending the money to the paired participants bank account

The Giver has only 5 hours to process his Give order and make payment.

Once The Giver has been confirmed by the receiver, Giver will get growth of 100% Instantly.

The growth shall be claimed Instantly and the giver can receive in return.


How to Receive on


Recieve (Get help):
Note: Getting help is Automatic, once a giver has completed his give order and has been confirmed by either matched participant or support, he is due to Get help and will be matched in a short time
Members can click Recieve to see details of who they have been matched with(to pay the receiver)
Receiver will be matched with other participants to pay him/her.
If GH is not paid by the assigned participants within 5 hours, the order will be rematched automatically after expiry time, another participant will be assigned to reciever immediately.
Note: Any receiver who has contacted, his matched giver, and notices that the giver is not ready to pay, can click the report button Once the system finds the giver at fault, he or she will be deleted from the system completely and the receiver will be rematched

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