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REVIEW: Login – Get 100% of Your Donation, Register

REVIEW: Login – Get 100% of Your Donation, Register –  Moniboxoffice is a peer to peer donation where you donate ₦20,000 to another participant and receive ₦40,000 in return within 3 to 7 working days.

First of all, you have to sign up and login.

Register Login - Get 100% of Your Donation, Register

Click on provide help and wait to get matched. When you’re matched you will be given 24hrs to make payment. After you make payment, upload a screenshot or picture of proof of payment and call the other participant to confirm you. When you’re confirmed you will be automatically matched to receive two donations of ₦20,000 each from two participants .

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You do not need to bring someone to get paid. Matching is automatic

Monibox has introduced a referral link to the community to enable active participants earn extra income

Only active registered members who have participated at least once in the community is eligible to invite users through the referral link. The referral bonus was created to reward active members of the community by creating an incentive to reward hard work.

The referrer will be entitled to a one time 10% bonus of N2,000 for each active referral who is introduced to the system using the referral link. The N2,000 referral bonus is activated when the referral has successfully participated in the community.

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Activated referral bonuses are automatically withdrawn only when the accumulated amount is 20,000 naira

1. Do not upload a fake proof of payment, you will be blocked.
2. Do not request to PH if you do not have the money at hand. If you fail to PH you will be blocked
3. Upload testimonials at least 12hrs after receipt of funds
4. Do not try to defraud a fellow participant, you will be blocked
5. Do not create useless and pointless support tickets


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