NYSC Revalidation | NYSC Batch A, B & C Remobilization 2019

How to Process NYSC Revalidation and Remobilization for Batch A, B & C (Stream I & II)

NYSC Revalidation and Remobilization for Batch A, B & C (Stream I & II) Procedures: what? You miss your NYSC service, maybe you been posted or deployed to service and you did not show up in camp?  You wish to revalidate your NYSC service?  Maybe you need advice and guidelines on your NYSC revalidation or remobilization? Now this the right posts for you to follow up and see how it goes.

Maybe you missed your NYSC service for one reason or the other, then wish to go for service, there is a chance an opportunity for you. The best way is to either do this, “NYSC Revalidation” or “NYSC Remobilization“.

This for all Prospective Corp’s members who have been deployed in NYSC camp, in that previous batch but didn’t go for camp, be brave, don’t get scared, you chance is still there for you in serving your country, your slot is still with you. Please make sure you read this article carefully and check.

NYSC Revalidation and Remobilization for Batch A, B & C (Stream I & II) Full Details

REMOBILIZATION NYSC MEMBERS: maybe you paid for the online registration during your previous Mobilization process but were not mobilized; you have to make a new payment to get mobilized. Also Read More: NYSC Batch C Stream 2 2018 Mobilization Registration

What is the meaning of NYSC Revalidation and why Revalidation

This is required for NYSC corps members that have been deployed for NYSC Camping/service in this batch, but couldn’t show in case of some reason that showed up.

How to do NYSC Revalidation
Candidates can follow the steps below to register for NYSC Revalidation and Remobilization. Thus;

Also Read More: Portal NYSC – NYSC Dashboard | NYSC Login Portal

  • Go to https://www.portal.nysc.org.ng/tap on revalidation login with the credentials you used for the registration on the NYSC portal in the recent batch.
  • They will be an automatic revalidation will be done for you, though you have been deployed and couldn’t go for camp. Please just let me notify you that, you may be asked to make another payment and also choose another state of deployment.
  • After you are done with this, print out you slip.

How to Process Your NYSC Remobilization Registration

This Registration for Remobilization is required for corps members that have been mobilized in a previous NYSC batch but, decamped from service

  • Go to https://www.portal.nysc.org.ng
  • Tap on “Remobilization” to start your registration.
  • You might be required to make another payment.
  • Check carefully and submit you registration, print out your slip.
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