1. The two people they gave me this morning to pay me on pgrfunds refused to pay.

  2. Two people was matched to pay me today one uploaded fake bank deposit slip in the morning & the other person 30 minutes to the expiration of time given .he uploaded something that he missed to pay

  3. Am Amarachi chigewe,the person that was supposed to pay me ,didn’t pay instead he uploaded a fake pop.his name is Adolph kenechukwu.thanks

  4. Am Rikky Ola,the person that was supposed to pay me ,didn’t pay instead he uploaded a fake pop.his name is Victor Onyeabuchi Ubadire.thanks


  5. One Nicky favour that was suppose to pay me on the 50k package uploaded fake pop and claimed someone else did the same thing to her on her second account.she has refuse to pick my call since.

  6. I’m Bombai Moses, one Mr Ezeh Godnews Samuel was merged to pay me yesterday uploaded fake bank details and I have been calling him and he told me he has no money to pay

  7. Abiola opeyemi uploaded an SMS alert for someone else for me.I even notice there is no support email to even escalate issues…dats poor.I also await a N50k donation,its not on my dashboard

  8. Hello PGRFOUNDS SUPPORT i am Edobor Zeal Nosatieromwan, a participant Richardson shanty with mobile 08147583865 was pair to pay me. He uploaded fake details of payment on the system. Please assist to resolve this issue.

  9. I donated since 5 of this month uptill now I never get pay, pls pgr do somtin thanks

  10. I provided help since Sunday n got help from only one person n provided help again n have not been matched to get help since then on d bronze package

  11. Pls I don’t understand at all,I pH since march and I was match to pay and I did so but up till now I have not to pay back not even on person,and my package was 50k


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