Yabatech Transcript Apply | How To Apply For Yabatech Transcript.

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Yabatech Transcript Apply |How To Apply For Yabatech Transcript.

Yabatech Transcript | What You Mean By Transcript?

Transcript is graduates academic history records from the day of admission till the graduation year of any program.

Getting Transcript for Yabatech graduates involves a fee you pay on behalf of your institution to further process it to another institution for furthering of your education. Transcript serves as an evidence that Yabatech graduates have really completed both OND and HND program in Yabatech. Without getting your transcript paid there won’t be evidence that you attended any institution in other to further your education because, Yabatech Transcript Application is not free and you have to pay for it else, your academic transcript process won’t be processed.

In other words, if you want to further your education for direct entry program, for HND program or for international institution; transcript application is require before your present can be acknowledge.

In this article, we will be discussing on how to apply for Yabatech Transcript. Before we begin, note that;

Yabatech transcript process is of three (3) types:

  1. For the Direct Entry Applicants
  2. For HND Applicants and
  3. For International Applicants

Having mentioned the three (3) applicants’ categories, let us pick them one after the other for better explanation.

Yabatech Transcript Application For Direct Entry (DE) Applicants

This category of applicants are those that are planning of furthering their education to any of the universities in Niger after their first NCE or National Diploma programme. However, some HND graduates could also apply for this transcript if they which to further as well in the university as a result of switching to another course entirely.

Yabatech Transcript Application For HND Applicants

This category of applicants are those that are planning of furthering their education to any of the higher institutions such as Polytechnic in Nigeria after their first NCE or National Diploma programme.


Yabatech Transcript Application For International Applicants

This category of applicants are those that are planning of furthering their education to any of the higher institutions or colleges abroad (Outside Nigeria) after their first NCE or National Diploma programme. In this category, the charge of transcript application is higher than the above categories. However, the price of transcript for this category is N12, 500 only excluding transaction charge.

Before transcript will be paid to any institution you make sure you have applied for the form of the institution you are enrolling into.

How To Apply For Yabatech Trancript Application

  1. Go to http://portal.yabatech.edu.ng/transcriptPay/
  2. Log in your  Matric number
  3. Tap on apply.
  4. Now you will find details of yourself in the next page, please if you found out that the page is blank or it giving you another details of someone else, please don’t further.
  5. Choose ND that only what is there (Automatically), there is nothing else.
  6. Choose the type of Transcript you are paying for.
  7. Transcript for NIPOST are Transcript for only if you are furthering your institution within Nigeria, so in this case choose Local.
  8. Transcript for UPS are Transcript for only if you are furthering your institution abroad, so in this case choose international.
  9. Tap on continue.
  10. The next page will be shown to you.
  11. Click on pay now. (Fee for Local Transcript us just N 5,500, While Transcript for International is N 12,500). Please check carefully before proceeding for the payment.
  12. Now the next page for choosing your courier type, here is the most important place you have to be careful in choosing and putting in your details.
  13. For international select UPS.
  14. For local select LOCAL.
  15. Select the country of the institution you are applying for.
  16. Put in the destination school name correctly in the next page shown to you.
  17. Put in the destination school address. This will be the school Post Mail Box address (P. M. B )
  18. Please if you don’t know the school postal address please search for it online and copy it to the page shown to you.
  19. The postal address, is where the message will be sent to, so make sure you put in the right postal address.
  20. Tap on proceed.

Yabatech Transcript Application Payment Procedure

You can make payment through printing out the invoice from online, after the printing out of the invoice, take the invoice to any commercial bank around you.However, we had written an article about the payment before and that might be outdated reason why we put this up here. You can make your payment also online through:

  1. Making payment on Remita platform, the invoice you generated which is the reference remita number with 12 numbers, you have to copy the RRR number and paste it in the remita platform.
  2. You can make payment with your ATM debit cards, by filling your name, expiry date, CVV , the CVV is the 3 digit number at the back of your ATM card.
  3. Make sure you don’t move away from the page you are making your payment, make sure you are debited and your payment is approved.
  4. To continue the registration, log on to yabatech.edu.ng
  5. Scroll through the page where you will find confirmation/validation.
  6. Put in your RRR or Matric number in the blank page.
  7. Tap on validate.
  8. Copy the RRR number, because you will need this in continuing your process.
  9. Tap on continue registration, you will type the RRR number; you will be directed to the next page.
  10. Fill in all your required details and move to the next page.
  11. Here you have to upload you National Diploma Result in pdf file.
  12. Now you are done with your registration, check carefully all your details is correct before submitting.
  13. Print out the page shown to you after submitting your details.

Yabatech Trasncript Delivery And Tracking Method

Since we had learnt how to apply for the Yabatech transcript, we have not yet finish the transcript application because after the transcript payment, graduates have other steps to follow for the transcript to get to the destination. In this case let us look t the next steps to follow for the transcript to get to the destination.

Graduates must take the transcript receipt to the school and attach a letter to it with the online transcript form and address and send to;

Office to Address the Transcript application letter to;

The Deputy Rector ACAD
Yaba College of Technology
Yabatech, Lagos

How To Track The Transcript of Yabatech

Since you have done all the necessary steps required to apply for YABATECH transcript and request letter have been submitted too, to track the transcript means; you want to know where the transcript have gotten to, whether it has gotten to the destination or it’s still in school for process. However, to track your transcript process, you have to check back in school after two weeks of letter submission else, it may take forever before you know it.

Anyways, the college has indicated the tracking portal but not yet effective. So, it is advisable to check back in school for tracking purpose.


Yabatech Transcript Application Enquires And Information

If you have difficulties after submitting your form and still need to found out more about the transcript process you can contact MR. Seyi on 08085798255 OR 09038699846


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